Economic Impact

Once a nation of energy dependence, the US has transformed into a nation of energy abundance. In fact, according to the Institute for Energy Research the US became the top natural gas producer in 2010, the largest combined oil and natural gas producer in 2013, and the largest oil producer in 2014. With the discovery of vast quantities of natural gas across the US, the country has a unique opportunity to reduce its trade deficit by supplying the cleanest burning fossil fuel to countries around the world, where the demand for clean fuel is increasing every day. LNG export projects are poised to become the next economic engine for employment growth as the US begins to alleviate the current oversupply situation through LNG exports.

The estimated total investment for the Delfin LNG project is close to $7.0 billion. New employment opportunities include up to 200 workers to construct the onshore compression facility and pipeline connections, and to manufacture key project components in nearby Louisiana, and each FLNGV will need to be manned by 50-100 mariners, crew, engineers, and operators. Delfin looks forward to providing these additional employment opportunities in the United States.