Global LNG Market

Supply/Demand Overview

Low spot prices today are creating enormous LNG demand growth around the globe. If new LNG supply projects are not sanctioned soon, the LNG market is expected to face a severe deficit starting ~2022 that would likely lead to dramatically higher LNG prices for importing nations.

FLNGVs are Well-Positioned to Address Incremental Demand

LNG demand is growing significantly and is expected to double by 2030. However the characteristics of tomorrow’s buyers will likely be different from those of today’s. Incremental demand is coming predominantly from newer and small buyers who require more flexible supply solutions. FLNGVs are well-positioned to address this incremental demand for the following reasons:

  1. Faster to Build: Ideal for rapidly growing markets that need to source reliable supply in a timely manner.
  2. Contract Duration Flexibility: FLNGVs can offer shorter-duration contracts which may be preferable for smaller nations seeking less burdensome commitments.
  3. Contract Size Flexibility: FLNGVs can offer smaller capacity commitments which may also be less burdensome for smaller nations.

emergeSource: McKinsey